Chase's Food Review

Class name: Swedish Ducks

Restaurant Name: Culver's
Location: Woodstock, IL

Culver’s on 1620 West Lakeshore drive, Woodstock IL, is a lovely restaurant where you can eat the most delicious, warm meals in fast food history. Although the menu is limited, everything is served with quality and freshness. If you have ever been to Culver’s, then you know about their delicious cheese curds, tasty butter burgers, scrumptious corn dogs, and flavorful chicken tenders. On top of these appealing entrées, Culver’s also has a variety of dessert options such as frozen custard, concretes, malts, and shakes, all with your choice of a sweet or savory topping. During my time at Culver’s, I ate cheese curds and a concrete. They were both truly mouth watering. My cheese curds were served warm and fresh, while my custard was cold and not melted at all. On my custard I had Oreos and cookie dough. They made it so fresh that the Oreos were still crunchy, and the cookie dough still cold. While at Culver’s, the service particularly stood out to me. Every employee at Culver’s was wearing a mask. It really showed me how much they cared about each customer not getting sick. On top of this, they also were very nice and got me the food quickly while at the same time, keeping the quality. Culver’s may just seem like any other fast food restaurant, but it is so much more. Think about any fast food place. Now multiply the quality, service, and overall sanity by ten, and you get Culver’s. I absolutely love Culver’s and would recommend it to basically everyone, but, like all fast food restaurants across America, the food choices are not very allergen friendly, so if you have an allergy or dietary restriction, then maybe try to avoid Culver’s.

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Overall rating: 4/5

Overall Recommendation: I highly recommend this if you have no dietary needs.